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​1. 日本酒セミナー/イベント


We mainly hold events such as sake tasting for foreign customers. This event is mainly for people who have heard about SAKE but have never tried it, or who want to learn more about the different tastes and aroma of sake. Usually, it will be held in Kamakura, but if you wish, we are able to hold events and seminars in other places as well. Please send us your requests.

​ About the SAKE event

About event types 

1. Tasting 4 different types of SAKE
The main event that I ho
ld is to taste 4 different types of SAKE. It's said there are mainly 4 different tastes and aromas of SAKE. You can compare their characteristics and learn which food they go well with. 

-What you learn from this event-
・ Tasting 4 different tastes and aroma of sake, and know the differences
・ You can know the dishes that suit each sake and how to drink them
・ You can learn some tips for choosing sak
e at a store

2. Learn about the differences in sake production
There are three main types of sake brewing methods. You can learn about
the history of sake from the way each sake brewing method.

-What you learn from this event-
・ Tasting 3 different tastes and aroma of sake, and know the differences
・ You can learn about the characteristics of each Sake
・ You can learn history of SAKE

3. Enjoy sake at various temperatures
Sake is a rare alcoholic beverage in the world that can be enjoyed at various temperatures. You can change the food you pair it with depending on the temperature you taste it at.

-What you learn from this event-
・ Tasting 2 different tastes and aroma of sake at various temperaturesand know the differences
・ You will find your favorite temperature to enjoy it
・ You
 will find good pairing at various temperatures

-Main Venue-
〒248-0014 Yuigahama2-7-12, Kamakura city, Kanagawa
A 10-minute walk from Kamakura Station and a 3-minute walk from Wadazuka Station.
There's a large garden and an old house along the Eno-den Line.  lt is a hidden traditional modern house that is difficult for tourists to find.

​*We organize events upon request. Please feel free to contact us regarding the location.
*I will provide other kind events upon request.

​ 日本酒イベントについて


1. 4種類の日本酒を飲み比べ
主として開催しているイベントは4種類の日本酒の飲み比べです。 日本酒には主に4つの味と香りがあると言われています



2. 日本酒の造りから違いを知る
日本酒の造り方には大きく分けて3種類あります。 それぞれの酒の造り方から日本酒の歴史を学ぶことができます。

・ 3 種類の日本酒の味と香りをテイスティングしそれぞれの違いを知る
・ それぞれの日本酒の特徴を知ることができます

・ それぞれの造りから日本酒の歴史を学べる

3. さまざまな温度で日本酒を楽しむ

日本酒はさまざまな温度で楽しめる世界的にも珍しいお酒です。 味わう温度に応じてペアリング変えて楽しむことができます。

・ 2 つの異なる味と香りの日本酒をさまざまな温度でテイスティングしそれぞれの違いを知る
・ さまざまな温度に合うペアリングを見つけることができる

〒248-0014 神奈川県鎌倉市由比ガ浜2-7-12
江ノ電沿いに広い庭と古民家があります。 観光客には見つけにくい隠れた古民家です。


※ご要望に応じてイベントを企画させていただきます。 場所についてはお気軽にお問い合わせください。

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