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3. 海外事業者のための酒蔵アテンド
Sake Brewery Guide for overseas businesses



The export volume of Japanese sake has increased year by year, and it has become an  alcoholic beverage which is loved all over the world.
Sake Brewery Attend is a service for importers, liquor sales businesses, and restaurants that handle Japanese sake overseas.

"I would like to actually visit the sake brewery that I purchase from, but I can't find an interpreter who is knowledgeable about sake."
“I would like to be attended by a native Japanese speaker who understands Japanese culture.”
​“Rather than just visiting breweries, I want to build strong bonds with the brewers.”

We received these comments from customers. In response to their feedback, we are now supporting the connection between sake and the world.

More than just an interpreter, we will support your precious sake brewery visit as a guide specializing in Japanese sake.



・時給4,400円(税込) + 交通費(宿泊費)


​ 合計:79,840円


Pricing is

・Hourly wage 4,400 yen (tax included) + transportation expenses (accommodation expenses)

Example 1: Visiting a sake brewery in Kyoto, operating hours are 9:00-17:00
・Guide fee: 4,400 x 7 hours = 35,200 yen
・Transportation expenses (Tokyo-Kyoto, Shinkansen round trip): 13,320 x 2 = 26,640 yen
・Accommodation fee: 10,000 yen
   Total: 71,840 yen

Example 2: Visiting a sake brewery in Akita, operating hours 9:00-17:00
・Guide fee: 4,400 x 8 hours = 35,200 yen
・Transportation expenses (Tokyo - Omagari, Shinkansen round trip): 17,320 x 2 = 34,640 yen
・Accommodation fee: 10,000 yen
​   Total: 79,840 yen

We will send you a detailed quotation.

Sake brewery visit

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