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​1. 日本酒セミナー/イベント


We hold sake tasting events mainly for inbound tourists. This content is for people who have heard the word SAKE but have never tried it, or who want to learn more about the taste and aroma of sake. Basically, it will be held in Kamakura, but if you wish, we can hold events and seminars in other areas too. Please send us your requests.

​ About SAKE event

This is an event to drink 4 different types of SAKE at an old Japanese house in Kamakura. It's said there're mainly 4 different aroma and taste of SAKE. You can compare those characteristics and learn what's food goes well with.  Don't worry, I'll prepare some snack too:)

-Who this event is for-
1. People who is interested in SAKE
2. People who like Japanese culture
3. People who enjoy Japanese atmosphere and make a good memory in Kamakura

-This event is like-
・ Events with a warm atmosphere that is limited up to 6 people
​・ Enjoy a relaxing atmosphere in an old Japanese-style house
・ Since it's only a small group, please feel free to ask or talk about sake or anything you like

-Learn the difference of flavors and taste of SAKE-
・ Tasting 4 different aromas and flavors of sake
・ You can know the dishes that suit each sake and how to drink them
・ You can learn some tips for choosing sake at the store

Experiencing by comparing 4 different SAKE, you can learn the characteristics of each☺

〒248-0014 Yuigahama2-7-12, Kamakura city, Kanagawa
A 10-minute walk from Kamakura Station and a 3-minute walk from Wadazuka Station.
There's a large garden and an old house along the Eno-den Line. It is a hidden old modern house where is difficult for tourists to find.

Please check this event out on the link below.


​ 日本酒イベントについて

鎌倉の路地に佇むの古民家で4種類の日本酒を飲み比べするイベントです。 日本酒の主となる4つの香りと味わいの特徴を比べて、相性の良い料理を知ることができます。軽食もご用意します。

3. 日本の雰囲気を楽しみ、鎌倉で良い思い出を作りたい人




〒248-0014 神奈川県鎌倉市由比ガ浜2-7-12
江ノ電沿いに広い庭と古民家があります。 観光客には見つけにくい隠れた古民家です。


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